Hazuki Natuno

Hazuki Natuno


Hazuki Natuno

Photogrpaher & Essayist

Hazuki Natuno is a photographer. Born in 1976.
She has continued to work production on the theme of “life and death”. Main series of works include, “change of life” (2000-2010), “another shore” (2012-2014), and “Bonin smile” (2012-).

in 1986, Natuno began studying the photos.
in 1987, she started a truancy.
in 1991, she began to go to a specific non-profit corporation Tokyo Schule.

in 1996, she enrolled in the Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Yamabuki High School communication course.
in 1999, she enrolled in Hosei University Human Environment Faculty.
in 2006, she graduated from Hosei University Human Environment Faculty.

in 2010, Natuno enrolled in the Nippon Photography Institute nighttime part , and she won honorable mention in the Canon New Cosmos of Photography.
in 2013, she graduated from the Nippon Photography Institute,
she held photo exhibition the “change of life” Tokyo and Biel / Bienne International Photography Festival exhibition of Switzerland,

in 2013, she won Honorable Mention award in the International Photography Award 2013 and documentary award in Humanity Photo Award 2013 that China Folklore Photographic Association is organized.
in 2014, she held a photo exhibition “Bonin smile” as Japanese society corporation Photographic Society sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Month of Photography 2014 national exhibition.
in 2015, she held a photo exhibition “change of life” and photo exhibition “Life” in Tokyo.

As she was doing a production of the work.

夏野葉月 写真家。1976年生まれ。
主な作品に『change of life』(2001-2010)、『another shore』(2012-2014)、『Bonin smile』(2012-2014)がある。




2013年、写真展「change of life」を東京およびスイスのビール/ビエンヌ国際写真フェスティバル企画展として展示。
2013年、International Photography Award 2013 において佳作受賞。
2013年、China Folklore Photographic Associationが主催するHumanity Photo Award 2013においてドキュメンタリー賞受賞。

2014年、社会法人日本写真協会主催 東京都写真月間2014国内企画展として写真展「Bonin smile」を展示。
2015年、写真展「change of life」および写真展「Life 〜世界遺産・小笠原の輝き〜」を東京にて開催。